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Dear K. I'd like to thank you for opening your door to your home and your windows to your life. The warmth of your heart fills the space you call home, and there's enough of it for everyone. And still, I find my self wondering if there's enough warmth for you as well.

Dear K. You are a beautiful woman. The beauty of your appearance is almost equal to the beauty of your heart, and it's addictive and alluring. Everyone wants to be around you, to want more from you and to sense your proximity. And still, I find my self wondering if you are capable to love your self as much as everyone around love you.

Dear K. You are a true friend. You have an infinite ability to listen. Your shoulders are strong and stable. And your hugging hands are spread out to a great distance. Anyone can feel your firm back-rest, which you always offer, and no one can without it. And still, I find my self wondering if you have a back-rest of your own, and if you have offered a shoulder that you can lean your head on in rough days or when you are tired a little bit from the goals and the long road you set to your self.

Dear K. It seems that you've created your self a one-way bubble, in which you allow everyone to reach-in, to touch, to relax, to take and to draw energy, and you are not able to get out your self, to reach, to ask for help, or to lean on others.

Dear K. You've created your self a perfect life, almost too perfect, in which you almost get your self disappeared from this world. You don't pollute, you don't break the law, you obey any little sign, respect everyone, don't bother anyone, you don't ask for help, you don't interrupt… It's like you don't want people to notice you. It's like you afraid that if people will notice – they will choose not to choose you. It's like you are afraid that they disappear on you, when the only person who's disappearing – is you.

Dear K. It's ok to ask. You are allowed to demand for your self. It's important to react to what you want as well. And who ever don't want to give back is more then welcome to be thrown from your life. It's alright to love your self; because that's the only way you can believe someone else is capable of loving you as well (and not the opposite).

Dear K. There isn't a guard waiting at the end of the road, and he's not giving out grades on the way you manage your life. And he doesn't decide if you need to get punished or to enter a garden of blessings. This guard only exists in your head, in your heart, and it's stubborn. It's a guard that doesn't let you rest a little bit and let go. It's a guard that doesn't give you the option to dare. It's a guard that lit the eyes of everyone around you (in your head) and threats you with banishment or with criticism and judgment. But the people who really love you won’t do that. They will love you, support you and they will have no grudge. If the won't do that – they don't need to be in your life.
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